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We have covered as much as we can for those with additional needs. 

if you need an special assistance please contact through the contact forma nd we will do our best to help you. 


The whole site is wheelchair friendly however the main gate in is a little tight. If you need wheelchair access head to the pub carpark entrance which is marked as "PRODUCTION ONLY' . Our stewards will let you through this gate where you can access the site without any trouble. 


The car park is down the lane from the site. It is about a five or ten minute walk. If you will find this walk difficult please contact us on the contact form and we will arrange for our shuttle service to pick you and a carer up. This service is only available between 12 and 2pm so please plan accordingly. 

Drop off Point. 

For those arriving outside these times you can drop off the person and one carer  at the production gate before taking the car to the carpark. ( if available) 


We have three toilets on the park and the toilets in the pub. The disabled toilet is situated in the pub and can be accessed at al times. 

We ask everyone takes care of the toilets and uses the cleaning materials provided should you need them .

Anything else...

please contact us if you need any further information regarding access and support. we will do what we can to help. 

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