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Doing our bit. 

Ukrainian Refugee Fundraising.


When we started to plan this event we were all in agreement that the green fields area of the event should raise funds for the children finding themselves as refugees due to the ongoing war in the Ukraine. 

We have chosen to work with Unicef who are working with children in Ukraine and have a wonderful reputation for helping children and families all over the world. 



By creating an event that people can donate to be here felt like the perfect solution ad we will be raising funds in many ways on the day. 

While the main event is free we ask that you fulfil the minimum donation for the outdoor movie tickets ( this includes entrance to the whole event)and donate for any activities we are offering. You have opportunity to donate on the gate to the event but it is of course at your discretion


For those not watching the movies and simply coming to enjoy the other activities, picnics and music its a full day of community and national joy.. enjoy it. 

The main thing is we do what we can and nobody is stopped from joining us on this special day.. 

There will be a number of Ukrainian and peace themed activities such as Haribo sunflowers and a peace garden with a wish tree where you can leave messages of peace to be sent to Ukrainian families arriving in the uk.

There will be programmes on sale on the day with free entry to a raffle with each purchase, all proceeds from these sales will be added to the grand total. 

Our closing ceremony will be dedicated to the cause.

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