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The Turn

The Burghwallis Pub


The Burghwallis Pub is delighted to be part of the event and is hosting a full programme of Live Music, stalls and activities in the outdoor space. 

With stalls, food and drink available its well worth a little stroll through the little woodland space. 

They are also offering a collectable cream tea picnic for your Jubilee Lunch which is available to book directly from the Pub. You order your picnic box and can take this to where you have chosen to sit and enjoy through the event along side those who have brought their own. 

The pub will also be providing a BBQ through our the day and will be serving their normal drinks from the bar throughout the day. If you are taking your drinks to where you are sitting in the park you must request a plastic glass. 

There will also be a number of stalls and music playing throughout the day and into the evening. 

In the carpark the British Legion will be curating a traditional 1940's area. 

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